I have had the pleasure of working alongside Whisky Falls in many shows and festivals in London. She has and continues to show diversity and exceptional talent in her creativity and her skills set.


As a performer, she is someone who has had a positive impact as a role model and as an inspiration on my ow n performances. As a result of this, there was no doubt in my mind that any feedback or critique made by Whisky would enhance my own acts. I was not disappointed; her appraisals were fair and she went on to explain the reasoning behind her comments. She clearly explained how to structure the routine into a more cohesive, dynamic act. Whisky did not provide the choreography; But provided me with the tools and the skills to use them in order to make my work more accomplished.


When producing her own shows, Whisky Falls is highly organised and innovative. Her productions are seamless, highly interactive, using the space above and around the audience as part of the performance space. She constantly pushes barriers in her own and others performances and I am proud to have received guidance from her.

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