I live in the far north of Finland, it’s cold and dark and its very remote and lonely. I felt I had reached my limit of how much I could learn (and evolve) by myself as a performer, and needed a mentor.


I saw Whisky Falls perform her Chimera act in London- It is one of the most beautiful and exquisite acts I have ever seen on stage.

I decided she was the one to mentor me, and I was right!


I can honestly say I have changed and evolved so much as a burlesque performer since we started my online mentorship. I don’t have a dancing background, so Whisky opened new worlds for me; I became aware of musicality in dance (and my lack of it), how to hear and connect to my music in a completely different way, how lyrics and movements and expressions can become one. I’ve become more aware of the stage positioning, the different angles. I now look at the stage and perceive it differently than before.


Choreography has been one of my struggles, and with Whisky she just gets you! She understands who you are on stage, and what you want to transmit and how YOU as a performer can do it in a spectacular way!


I’ve raised my level as a performer with Whisky, that’s just how I feel. She’s truly Inspiring and talented and if you have a chance grab one of her classes, or go to see her live, or if you’re far away like me, do it online and make your inner star brighter!

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